Vinay Gupta talks about consumerism, religion, evolution, quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, Elon Musk, space exploration, and enlightenment

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We talk with Vinay Gupta about techno-social systems, cryptography, Ethereum, decentralized platforms, meditation, basic human needs & new political systems

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We talk with Mike Johnston and Matt Bolton from the Robot Overlordz podcast about copyright, licensing laws, crowdfunding, and the sharing economy.

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Vitalik Buterin talks about Ethereum, decentralized blockchain platforms, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and why all those things matter for the future of the internet and society at large.

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Zoltan Istvan on the future of politics, running for president, transhumanism and life extension technologies, psychedelics, journalism, direct democracy, and decentralized platforms.

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In this episode, Mike and I talk about this coming revolution, the move to decentralized systems, and what we all need to do to prepare for this new world.

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Mike and Euvie talk about "us and them" mentality, the psychology behind in group favouritism and out group discrimination, and the future of conscious evolution.

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In this episode of the Future Thinkers Podcast, we talk about the future of marketing, how brands can reach their audience in the digital age, company ethics, and the dawn of authentic brand storytelling. 

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