Duncan Trussell - actor, comedian and the host of Duncan Trussell Family Hour, is back on Future Thinkers for the second time. In this episode we talk about some of the pressing topics of our time, like developing individual and collective consciousness, evolving the structure and functioning of the human society, and the importance of a consistent spiritual practice for understanding ourselves and the world we live in.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:


  • Why there is so much anxiety in the Millennial generation
  • Horizontalism - a decentralized way for groups to organize
  • Stigmergy, or indirect coordination, in animals and humans
  • The origins of the legal ban of psychedelics
  • The illusion of individualism and how our society got fragmented
  • Is liquid democracy viable?
  • Disowning the collective narratives and embracing impermanence
  • The benefits of contemplating your own mortality
  • Is there a fundamental nature to all things?
  • How to recognize when you are being coaxed into a certain narrative
  • The myths around enlightenment, and why it is not special
  • Why the purpose of meditation is not in chasing peak experiences

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Dr. Kirby Surprise explains the science behind synchronicity - the seemingly random but deeply meaningful coincidences

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Duncan Trussell on manipulating reality, psychedelics and magick, the dangers of the astral realm, and the importance of loving yourself and others.

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Vinay Gupta on the value of enlightenment for the modern age and the future of humanity, existential risks, evolution, transhumanism, and new meditation app

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Vinay Gupta explains the practical steps to enlightenment: the stages leading up, common problems, guru relationship questions, and meditation techniques

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Vinay Gupta on what enlightenment is, its relationship with modern science, and the misconceptions, mythology and dogmas we need to get rid of to bring enlightenment into the modern age

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