Michael Taft, a long-time meditation teacher, author, and founder of Deconstructing Yourself blog and podcast, discusses the stages of personal development and the awakening path, deconstructing reality, and the benefits of a regular meditation practice.

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Identity politics have become a hot topic in the Western world. People tend to attach their sense of identity to certain political ideas, gender identity, ethnic or religious group, sexual orientation etc, and often get triggered when they perceive their identity is being threatened.

Today we discuss why it is useful and important to detach from these categories in order to develop psychologically. We talk about how to deconstruct your identity and tell the stories of how we have done it.

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • What it means to deconstruct your identity, and how it enables us to see things more objectively
  • The current narratives of diversity, oppression and globalization as formative forces
  • The relationship between individual expression and narcissistic culture
  • Why it is difficult to stand out in a globalized culture and why we emphasize differences
  • Why people remain attached to ideas even after those ideas are disproved
  • The role of basic human needs when it comes to attachments
  • The different methods for deconstructing identity
  • Getting comfortable with contradiction and letting go of the attachment to results

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Toni Lane Casserly, the Co-Founder of CoinTelegraph and CULTU.RE, investor, recording artist and the founder of the “immateralism” art movement, talks about cultural and consciousness shifts, how blockchain technology can help advance human rights, and increasing our self sovereignty.
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The concept of the three bodies in spiritual traditions of the world, consciousness, and how environments and future technology can influence conscious states. 

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