In Part 2 of our interview with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, we talk about transhumanism, the distrust in the corporate-run digital environment, and using intersectionalism to reunite human species.

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Part 1 of the interview: 

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Our guest in the next two episodes is Douglas Rushkoff, a media theorist, lecturer, and author of Team Human, as well as a dozen other books on media, technology, and culture. In recent years, he has become a critic of technology for separating us from what makes us human.

In Part 1 of this interview we discuss the still untapped possibilities of digital technology, the causes and potential solutions to dystopian visions of the future, as well as transhumanism and its assumptions about human nature.

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A Course in Personal Evolution - Take the course designed to help you create a life of meaning, purpose and impact:

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Daniel Jeffries dives deeper into discussion of ideologies, systems thinking and the meaning of life.

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Dan Jeffries talks about the most powerful impact of cryptocurrency, the ideology issues connected with incentivization and how a direct decentralized democracy might look like in the future.  

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MIT and Harvard researcher Amber Case talks about how to make human-technology interactions more unintrusive, healthy, and productive.

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Robin Hanson on whole brain emulation, and what the world will be like 1 year after we upload ourselves to the internet, considering economics, physics, psychology, and other scientific perspectives. 

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The attack on The DAO, what it means for the future of Ethereum, the fork and other decentralized blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies. 

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Vitalik Buterin talks about Ethereum, decentralized blockchain platforms, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and why all those things matter for the future of the internet and society at large.

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We explore Bitcoin and how open-source decentralized blockchain platforms can potentially change society as we know it.

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In this episode, we talk with Nikola Danaylov from Singularity 1 on 1 podcast and Singularity Weblog about science, disruptive technologies, self education, and shaping our own future.

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Welcome to the first episode of the Future Thinkers Podcast! Here we will talk about futurology, technology, singularity, spirituality, and philosophy. In this episode, we talk about meditation being a possibly window into how an AI's thought process.

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